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And now, a short break !!!

I apologise for the break in proceedings and not informing you all as to what was occurring. It was always part of the plan that I would...

Day 34, 35. Sun & Mon 12th & 13th Feb.

So, we can all remember learning in school about Grace Darling and her father, the lighthouse keeper. The unimaginable bravery they both...

Days 31, 32 & 33. Tues-Thurs 7-9th Feb.

I'm so sorry if you are following this blog and have got frustrated that the posts seemed to have dried up... I got behind last week, a...

Day 30. Mon 6th Feb. Newbiggin to Hauxley.

To end the week yesterday with a beautiful sunset, I woke in my tent after a peaceful night to the sound of seagulls, everywhere !!! It...

Day 29. Sun 5th Feb, Blyth to Newbiggin.

When I left the Oddfellows in Blyth, I'll be honest, I felt a little low. It would be impossible not to feel moved by the conversations...

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