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Days 31, 32 & 33. Tues-Thurs 7-9th Feb.

I'm so sorry if you are following this blog and have got frustrated that the posts seemed to have dried up... I got behind last week, a combination of reasons and I've been getting very stressed as I can't seem to catch up...

so, I'm going to sort it in one go and catch up completely, hopefully without boring you to death... 🫣

We left off with me leaving Davids allotment at Hauxley. After David made us a brew he walked with me and his dogs up the beach for a while.

Before long I got to Amble, met Chris, a light Blue from Northumberland who was to look after me for a few days. Booked into the Wellwood for a couple of nights, quiz night on the first night and then a visit to Lord Warkworth Lodge No. 1879 with Chris on the second night. A great Installation meeting and the most generous donation to date, £240 going to the MCF.

I also had a little down time to have a wander around this pretty little harbour town, I sat and watched the fishing boats returning with their meagre catches and sampled a lovely fish lunch.

How them boys make any money is beyond me...

The next morning, Chris and I walked up to Alnmouth, it was only about 8 miles and when we got there I decided to head inland to Alnwick as there was a meeting that night, Chris got us a lift as the bus never turned up and he needed to get back to Amble to get himself sorted out for the meeting.

Coquetdale Lodge No. 5122 in Alnwick was very enjoyable, another £200 donated to the MCF by the very generous members and for a change, I was in bed for 11pm.. 😴

The next morning, my wife Michelle was on route from Lincolnshire with Ted to spend the weekend with me. They picked me up from Alnwick and we drove the short distance up to Seehouses where we had a lovely relaxing weekend, doing laundry, sewing, shopping for next weeks rations... and a bit of our time... 🥰

It was lovely to see Michelle for a few days although it flew by in the blink of an eye, it was soon Sunday morning, Michelle needed to be back in Lincolnshire so she dropped me back at Alnmouth, where I'd got to on Thursday, we said our goodbyes, Michelle and Ted to drive four hours home and me to carry on walking north, towards Scotland.

I'm up to date 😰!!! I promise I will try to keep on top from now on... 🫣😬🥰

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