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And now, a short break !!!

I apologise for the break in proceedings and not informing you all as to what was occurring. It was always part of the plan that I would need to return to Lincolnshire for the second week in March and for 2 weeks in May. I have a Chapter meeting this week and as I am currently First Principle and we have the honour and pleasure of exalting a Past Master into our Round Table Chapter, I really wanted to be home to play my part in the ceremony. My suit is fresh from the dry cleaners and I have put a lot of work into learning my part of the ritual so I'm really looking forward to the ceremony tomorrow evening.

In May, I will have an even bigger pleasure of installing my predecessor into the Masters Chair of the FreeWheelers Motorcycle Lodge. I have been incredibly proud and privileged to have been the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge and even more fortunate that I've held the office for 18 months rather than for a year as would normally be the case. But alas, in May, my time is up and it's time for Andy to put his stamp on the new Lodge, something I know he is looking forward to doing. More about that in May.

Besides all of that, I was completely shattered when I arrived in Edinburgh last week. I got home and slept for 3 days !!! I didn't realise quite how tired I was, I'm not sure why, it might have been the walking I suppose !!!

I have also managed to spend some time with my family which has been lovely.

When I left Skegness on New Year's Day, my grandson was just starting to stand up but still having to hold onto something to keep himself from falling over. The little scoundrel is now tearing about unaided and is into everything !!! 🫣They all grow up so quickly, as my own kids did so I do cherish every minute I get to spend with them.

It hasn't all been lying around and ice cream with the kids though. I met up with Simon on Saturday and we spent an hour at Coastal Radio being interviewed live on air. Simon is a Skegness Mason and is the man taking care of all the Social Media issues I have but also helping to share the story through the many social media outlets he has.

Without Simon's help, and the help of Stuart, The Lincolnshire Provincial Communication Officer, I would be wandering around blind with no support at all. They are both great guys and are doing so much to help me, as will become more apparent as the challenge progresses.

I'm also being supported by Richard who calls me every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon and interviews me live on his Coastal Sounds Radio show. I was amazed at how many listeners tune in to follow the story although to be honest, Richard does have a really good laugh on his show so I think his listeners would be there anyway. We had a lot of laughs on his show on Saturday and it was fascinating to see how it all works.

So, a few meetings to get in, an appointment at the chiropodist to sort my feet out and I'll be raring to go again. I'm hoping to head back up to Edinburgh sometime next weekend to crack on with the walk, depending of course on what happens with the rail strikes !!!!

I have few blogs that just need finishing off from my last few days of walking tonEdinburgh which I'll finish and post over the next few days, until then, take good care of yourselves and normal service will be resumed very soon I promise. 🥰

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Karl F
Karl F
Mar 16, 2023

Looking forward to a catch up, you don’t have a bike so no quick ride out.


Mar 15, 2023

Great set of photos mate. They tell a story on their own 😀 Keep enjoying 😉😉


Mar 14, 2023

You are an inspiration and great ambassador for our Free Wheelers Lodge. All the best Chris and I hope to catch up with you soon.


Mar 13, 2023

It's been a pleasure to 'follow' you around as you travel from place to place, showing us how beautiful our coastline is. With the added bonus of highlighting the largely hidden mental health issues suffered by people, myself included. I feel quite humbled when I analyse the magnitude of the task you have taken on and can only say I'm extremely proud to know you and call you a friend, looking forward to seeing the next leg (no pun intended) of the journey, so enjoy your break with Michelle and the family.

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