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Day 9. Wednesday 11 Jan. Patrington to Tunstal.

A late start this morning, had a great night sleep in the MotorHome I'd been loaned by the lovely Dave and Kerry. I was fast asleep and having a great dream, I was somewhere nice and warm and I was wearing flip flops, no idea who I was with but they were taking the Micky out of the state of my swollen blistered feet !!! 😬 anyway, I was woken by a continuous buzzing sound, my phone, who the hell was calling me at 2am in the morning ? My once favourite cousin from the states... 🫣 Janet had been away on a cruise, got back and wanted a chat and she has this nasty habit that when she calls, she doesn't ring off, if you don't answer she just sits there waiting until you do answer... 🤬 no escape so I answered and we chatted for an hour... If she calls me at 2am in the morning ever again, I'm blocking her number and I'll disown her... bloody Americans... 🙄

I eventually got going and stoped in to see Dale who I'd met in the pub, he knocked us up some bacon baps and coffee and we chatted for over an hour. Dale fascinated me from the short chat we'd had the previous evening, not about mental health but about addiction, gambling and alcohol. Dales honesty and the scale of his addiction was mind blowing and although I can see many similar traits with those suffered by someone suffering from poor mental health, I need some time to get my head around this. This will be a discussion for another day when I've had chance to digest the enormity of our conversation. Dale walked with me to Patrington with his lovely boxer dog and we said our goodbyes. I promise I will come back to Dale another day.

I was planning on heading south back down to the Humber and to Spurn point and then heading north back up the coast but as I was leaving Patrington I could see the sea and the lighthouse at Withernsea so I decided to save myself 10 miles and I headed directly for the coast.

I stopped and topped up my rations at a supermarket and at Withernsea was soon up on the cliff top heading up the coast, it felt good to be back walking along the sea shore and the weather was good. We've all seen the pictures in the press and on the tv about the coastal erosion but the sheer scale of the collapsing cliff face was incredible. The coastal path was non existent in places and in others there was huge gaps in the road where the cliff face had slipped away down onto the beach. A little unnerving walking along the edge seeing the cracks in the ground.

With the light fading, it was time to find a suitable place to pitch up for the night, it took a while but eventually I settled on a nice quite spot right up on the top of the cliff, a little back from the edge and in the shelter form the wind by a bank of soil. The ground was sodden wet but it would have to do so I pitched up and was settled in for 5pm. A short rest to composed myself, a wet wipe shower and a lovely warm meal, pasta soup, spicy Chinese noodles with some cheese and cooked sausage... then to lie back and do my homework, which I'm behind with again... while listening to the waves crashing on the shore down below.

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