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Day 8. Tuesday 10th Jan. Paull to Patrington Haven.

Shaun dropped me back in Paull for just after 8am as promised. The sky was looking very black and the rain was about to start. I then performed like a complete moron, like it was my first time out for a walk. I knew it was going to rain heavy for the entire morning, so I put on my waterproof jacket and my lightweight gloves. I walked a couple of hundred yards by which time the rain had really started so I stopped and put on my waterproof over trousers, another hundred yards or so and realised my hands were freezing so I had to stop again to put on my heavy duty goretex gloves !!! 🫣 I was glad there was nobody watching, I must have looked like a right dipstick... 🙄

anyway, half a hour wasted messing around having a wardrobe malfunction and it was head down into the rain and wind to crack on. Nothing really you can do when the weather is that bad, you just have to push on. It was the first test of my wet weather gear and I wasn't disappointed. I'd done a lot of research into the best rated gear on the market and had spent hours in Go Outdoors and Blacks trying different kit on. The ratings and reviews are important but equally so is the fit. My kit is therefore a mixture of brands, Montane for trousers, base layers, hat & gloves, rab for insulated jacket, montane for waterproof jacket and Breghaus for waterproof over trousers. All the top layers are goretex to ensure breathability, there's nothing worse than keeping the rain out but then being soaked through on the inside with sweat. Everything worked just nice, I was keeping dry and I wasn't getting too hot.

There was absolutely no shelter on the storm bank walking along the Humber so I just kept going. It was just over 8 miles before I had my first stop. Had a snack, took my boots off to power my feet and back on it before I had chance to start getting cold. The going was tough as the storm bank was high and exposed so there was no escape from the lashing rain and what felt like gale force winds.

I did see a group of about 6 or 7 deer which was lovely but I couldn't get my camera out due to the rain...

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity on the bank, I arrived at an inlet of water so with no bridge, I had no choice but to head inland away from the Humber.

I've never noticed that before, such a clear dividing line in the water where the muddy silty water meets the cleaner river water flowing to the estuary...

Noticing on the map a small village a couple of miles away and there was a campsite that might have been open, I headed for the village. What I didn't notice on the map was the pub which when I stumbled upon it I was elated to see it was open. I was even more elated when I went inside to find a big roaring fire and, the pub sold beer !! I don't normally drink on a school night but seeing as though I don't go to school anymore, I thought sod it, I need a pint...😉🍻 The landlady apologised that as they had not long taken over the pub they were not yet serving food during the week but as I was hatching a plan with a local ex-Bobby as to where I could pitch my tent in the village, she'd been out back and her partner had agreed to fire up the kitchen and cook me a meal. In no time at all I was tucking into a huge plate of sausages, liver & onions with mash and veg. He even went back to the kitchen to fetch me some bread and butter to mop up the onion gravy.... 🤤😁 delicious...

All of this sitting in bare feet giving them a good airing and all my soaked kit drying in front of the fire. I had a good chat with the guys coming and going, a few of them kindly donated to the MCF and a bit later, Dave who had already given me a very generous donation came bursting back into the pub to say he had been chatting with his wife Kerry, and I was welcome to bed down in their MotorHome for the night instead of putting my tent up... 😁👍

So, another pint for good luck, all my kit nicely dried off, I thanked the landlord of The Burns Head Inn for his hospitality and lovely food, which he would not let me pay for by the way !!! I walked just up the road and was tucked up in my sleeping bag in the MotorHome for just after 9pm. It had been a long, wet and miserable day, just over 16 miles walked and although I was feeling very tired, I went to bed with a lovely warm feeling inside that I was truly being looked after.

The lovely people of Yorkshire and East Riding were already making me feel very welcome. 😍

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