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Day 52, 53 & 54. Mon-Wed 27-29 March. Burntisland to Anstruther.

A nice easy start to the week as I was waiting for Aaron to arrive from Lincolnshire to walk with me for a few days. The first time since starting this walk that someone was joining me for longer than a day and was planning on camping out with me for a few nights. Aarons wife Dani was dropping him off then heading back to Edinburgh for a few nights in a hotel with little one.

We had a bite to eat when they arrived and got in the trail for about 2pm.

It was a beautiful sunny day so spirits were high as we headed off into the unknown. It was nice to have someone to chat with as I walked for a change and to share new discoveries with someone else is always good. Aaron was very keen to crack on and was soon looking for decent places to pitch for the night, possibly a bit early at 5.30 so as diplomatically as I could, I kept pushing us on a bit further in the hope to find somewhere a bit later in the day. Eventually, we found a decent spot up on the cliffs near Kirkcaldy, just in front of a redundant coal mine. Pitched up, a warm drink and we were soon tucked up for the night.

And a cold night it was too as Aaron was to discover. A two season sleeping bag, that is so small it only covers up to your nipples is not good when the night time temperatures drop below 0C... 🥶 He didn't get a lot of sleep and because the nugget pitched his tent so close to mine, neither did I... 🫣

Day two was a complete contrast with the weather, wet, misserable and windy was the order of the day so wet weather gear on and the need to crack on walking to warm up.

The Wemyss Caves were interesting, 1500 years old and carvings on the walls done by the Picts and they also contained carvings of crosses made by the earliest Christian monks.

After a good days walk, the challenge was once again on to find a pitch for the night. This time, Aaron found us a clearing in the sand dunes which was perfect. Shaded from the wind coming off the sea, lovely and quiet with the gentle rolling of the sea on the shore and the temperature was up at 5C so a much more comfortable night. Just to be on the safe side, we pitched up either side of the track, just so we didn't keep each other awake all night...

A comfortable night for both of us when Aaron had finished investiging numerous places to use as a toilet !! 🫣

We decided that 2 nights and 3 days walking would be enough so Aaron could spend a night in the hotel in Edinburgh with Dani before they had to drive back to Lincolnshire. Our last day was more interesting walking, a few cliffs to get up and over offering some lovely views.

It had started raining when we eventually walked into Anstruther. It paid to walk into the first pub as the girls in The Dreel Tavern were very helpful with info regarding the best place to eat, the best place to stay.

Had a cracking meal in The Dreel which Aaron kindly paid for, I should have had a cheese board as well but being polite I declined.. 😳

A lovely few day, thank you Aaron for your company, I hope the blisters heal quickly and I look forward to catching up later this year, after you've been initiated into The Round Table Lodge.

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