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Day 4 & 5, oh and a bit of 6 !!!

Well, this blog writing game isn't as easy as I thought it would be !! My first mistake was to think that I could walk a day and then write up the events of the previous day. However, the days are so long, I meet lots of people and pass through lots of places, I can't actually remember what I had for my breakfast so trying to piece together the previous day is taking me hours, I'm constantly getting very confused and this is time I really should be using to get my beauty sleep. 🤪

Next problem, I have slightly less technical aptitude that my rather daft West Highland terrier Ted, so creating the blog, adding photos and publishing it is a major daily achievement for me. On Thursday, it was suggested that I add the link for the funding page to my blog. I'd just spent over 2 hours lying in my tent writing the blog, only to lose the entire masterpiece in the blink of an eye.... 😰 to say I was mad, the air was blue, i slung the iPad across the tent and cried myself to sleep...

This is why you've had nothing from me since Wednesday and for that, I apologise. So, let's get on with it...

I left my mate Roger's house in Cleethorpes on Thursday morning, thank you again Roger for looking after me so well. The rumours that you massaged my back for me in the bath were malicious and untrue, you never touched my back did you, prefering only to massage my aching feet !!!🫣 luckily there are no photos...

I walked for a short way along the beach with the sun rising on my back but after half an hour or so, I hit the docks at Grimsby so the road walking took over. There is nothing much to say then really, walking along the side of the road through Grimsby will not be up there with the most memorable parts of my trip. I was made up when Andy Gillman (DC of The FreeWheelers Mototorcycle Lodge) stopped me for a coffee, then Ken Bevis, The Senior Warden of the same illustrious Lodge stopped me and bought us lunch, and carried my pack for 6 steps into the KFC...

More interviews followed, first with a charming young lady from the Grimsby Telegraph and then a gent from the Horncastle News. I was then free to walk, past industrial units, factories, refineries, ferry terminals and fishing docks and all the time, sadly, dodging piles and piles, and a few more piles of dog shit !!! 😱💩 such a shame as Cleethorpes was a lovely place and I would rush to go back, there is however a need for a few of the dog owners to step up and do the necessary after their furry friends.... 🫣

I got as far as Immingham as the day light was fading so I found a lovely little spot by the river and pitched the tent.

I had a lovely peaceful night tucked out of the way, got very annoyed when I lost the blog I was writing and I was only woken once by the wind and a torrential downpour that scared the life out of me...

Up and away at first light, leaving no trace that I was ever there and just around the corner stumbled upon a breakfast bar. The lovely ladies from baps & buns just outside Immingham docks called me over and treated me to a lovely hot brew and very kindly donated to the MCF. I had a good chat with buns but baps was a bit camera shy so she hid around the corner !!! 😳 just what a weary old bugger needs first thing in the morning, a pretty smiling young lady to chat with over a nice hot cup of tea....

Nothing to tell about the rest of the day. I walked 15 and a half miles, mostly along the side of roads, occasionally down the side of dual carriageways dodging the wagons and mostly with nothing interesting to look at or anyone to talk to... I arrived in Barrow which is joined to Barton just as the light was fading. I don't mind telling you, I was broken. 😰 the aches and pains were hanging off other aches and pains, my longest walk so far and I knew it. I stopped on a bench and sorted my feet out, got up for the final push and the hero of my day appeared from his driveway and insisted he chuck my gear in the boot of his car and drive me up the road to the pub... I fought and argued with him for a little less than 3 seconds and a few minutes later we were sat in the pub with a pint of frothy painkiller... 🍻

Thank you Paul, for the pint, the chat and for saving me... 🥰

This was to be my last night in Lincolnshire for a while and another Freemason had kindly offered me a bed for the night. Phil collected me from the pub and took me home where I enjoyed a lovely meal with Phil and his wife and I had the best nights sleep I've had for years. Thank you both for your good company, superb meal and the comfiest bed in the world...

This morning, yes, I've caught up with myself !!! Up and out, a short walk down to the Humber bridge to meet up with a small group who were to escort me over the bridge. The BBC were there again to record our departure from Lincolnshire so through the wind and rain we walked the 3 miles over the bridge and up to Hessle for a brew.

When I thought later about the group of Freemasons that escorted me out of the Province, realising that 2 of them were former soldiers, 2 were escorted by vicious guard dogs and another was the Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary, I wondered if they had actually been selected for the job by the Provincial Grand Master to ensure that I was at last, out of the Province !!! 😳🥺

A huge thank you to the Freemasons of Lincolnshire for your support and for all the messages, emails and phone calls offering encouragement and good wishes. Also to the lovely people of Lincolnshire who have donated so generously to the MCF and who have chatted to me along the way.

Michelle picked me up in the car are we are currently convalescing in a hotel in 'Ull... a hot bath, nice meal, 2 hours to get my 'homework' done and now for a good nights sleep and a much needed day off.

Sorry that this has been such a long post, we are now all up to date so from here on, my posts will be daily and hopefully more interesting...

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Jan 08, 2023

Well done mate keep up the good work.


Jan 08, 2023

👏👏👏👏wow well done so far Chris . Have walked over the Humber Bridge and it’s very special. Best wishes Paul & Phillip 😊


Steve Parker
Steve Parker
Jan 08, 2023

When are you in Bridlington, Chris. I'd be honoured to join you.


Jan 08, 2023

Well. Firstly, congrats with actually leaving our fair Provence of Lincolnshire. Sorry I wasn't on the bridge to see you off. Secondly, still far too much information on what is fast becoming the infamous 'mutual massage session' ..... I leave that there under the banner of 'why let the truth get in the way of a good story' 😉😉 Why not set up the voice record app on your hone on the front page. Press and record your vital thoughts to help your befuddled brain at the end of the day. Just a thought. Lastly Mate.... you are the talk of Lincolnshire Masons ........ long may that continue.


Jan 08, 2023

Chris well done on your first week mate. Hopefully you will now settle into a routine and keeping blogs up to date will become easier!

I should have warned you about the challenges of keepjng blogs up to date, i experienced the same on some of my world motorcycle trips. I found it helps if you can split it up during the day and do the final publishing at the end of each day. Miss a day though and trying to remember the day before is hard.

Anyway good luck with your onward journey into Yorkshire.

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