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Day 14. Tues 17 Jan. Thornwick - Filey

A fresh start, up and out of the tent in record time so I could get a wriggle on and get some heat into my hands and feet. A beautiful morning, made all the more beautiful for me when my phone buzzed while I was lying snug as a bug in a rug, in my maggot. "Hello'... Ava was up already and getting ready for school, and she took the time to message to check I was doing ok. For any of you out there that have grandchildren, I don't need to explain, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you not yet in the granddad club, just you wait !!! It is absobluminbrilliant... The best thing that can ever happen to a man. My three grandchildren have the ability to melt me into a blubbering, jibbering idiot the instant I see or hear them....😁😍

Love them to bits but I was very glad I wasn't waking up in my tent with the little horrors !!! 🙄🙉

The walk to Filey was uneventful, stunning scenery, a light icy wind but lovely and sunny. I made a couple of detours heading for cafes and pubs that showed on the internet as being open only to arrive to find they were very much closed. Why do they do that, not such a problem if your searching for a feed or the toilet in the car but a real pain in the feet if you're walking !!!

I ended up having a brew and a butty at a garage, who wouldn't let me use their toilet !!! And I rolled down into Filey mid afternoon. I knew I was to be visiting a Masonic Lodge in Filey so i needed to find a room for the night. The first open pub i found I went in to enquire and unfortunately, they did have rooms available.... 🫣 I've stayed in some rough, dodgy places in my time but to be honest, for some bizarre reason I didn't think that these sorts of places could survive in a competitive 2023 so naively, I never expected what i got...

The room was freezing, it stunk of fags, there wasn't 2 pieces of furnture in the room that matched and everything was filthy. It was in the attic space so by the time I'd humped all my kit up the stairs, I didn't have it in me to walk away, I'd make do.

Using a handful of toilet paper, I scooped the pile of mixed coloured pubes out of the bottom of the bath, filled it with hot water and had a good soak. That felt better, I could stop moaning at at last !!!

The Masonic Centre was just around the corner so after making myself know and requesting if I could attend the meeting being improperly dressed, I very much enjoyed the company of the Brethren of the Royal Lodge 643 and their Initiation Ceremony. It is always a real privilege to visit another Lodge, especially when they are bringing a new man into Freemasonry. An excellent ceremony, good company and a lovely meal at their festive board. The icing on the cake was when the charity steward declared that the proceeds of the raffle was to be rounded up and matched by the Lodge charity account so £200 was to be donated to The MCF in support of my walk.

A huge thank you to the Brethren of the Royal Lodge, soon to be The Royal Portus Felix Lodge when they merge next month. The warmth of your welcome and your generosity was incredible.

Back to Faulty Towers to see if I could get some sleep !!! 🫣😬

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