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1 more sleep - In a bed…

A number of firsts for me today, I've never written a blog before and I've never sat in anticipation of such a huge challenge before me. It is New Years Eve so we will be heading over to our local for a meal and a few pints later but I will be a sensible guy tonight.

I will be at Skegness Masonic Centre tomorrow at 11am, tea & cake, a few speeches no doubt and a few hand shakes and hugs with family and friends before I depart at midday, with a few folk in tow for a couple of miles I expect.

A mile to walk to the beach, turn left and head north on a 7000-7500 mile walk around the coast of The United Kingdon.

Kit is ready, no more planning to be done, boots on, pack on, lets get going.

I hope I can keep this blog interesting enough for you to stay with me for next 18 months...

Happy New Year to you all, catch up with you again soon.

All the kit i think i will need.

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